Gilkey Center 

The Gilkey Center at the University of Montana boasts a number of professional, exclusive spaces that are open to the public for reservations.  Whether it's a small business meeting with your coworkers to a conference event with your colleagues, the Gilkey Center has a number of flexible options to host events of any kind.  If interested in using the Gilkey Center for your next meeting or event, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. 

exec board room.jpg

Executive Board room

Our formal board room is a professional setting that is perfect for executive meetings. This classic room contains a large flat screen television, as well as an interactive touch pad located in the center of the table to help facilitate your professional presentation with ease.

Occupancy Load: 22 people

main level foyer.jpg

Garden Breakout Room

Nestled within the garden level classroom, the garden break out room is enclosed in it's own exclusive space with built-in whiteboard walls and a large flat screen television to accommodate more intimate group discussions.

Occupancy Load: 8-10 people

Tiered Classroom-3.jpg

Tiered Level Classroom

Located on the main floor of the building, this classroom is our larger multi-level classroom that is best suited for events that are lecture or conference oriented. It is equipped with modern technology that makes delivering material simple and clear cut. 

Occupancy Load: 70 people

garden level foyer-2.jpg

Main Level Foyer

Our elegant main level foyer has beautiful floor to ceiling windows that create a natural sunlit atmosphere great for breakout sessions or unstructured learning groups. This foyer is reservable with a tiered level classroom reservation.

Occupancy Load: No Limit

Garden Level Flat Classroom-3.jpg

Garden Level Classroom

This single level room is constructed with the capability to either be one medium sized room or to split into two smaller classrooms. The median divider is a large white board great for brainstorming or interactive learning. It is also supplied with a flat screen television to assist with presentations.

Occupancy Load: 32 people

Garden Level Foyer

Located outside of the garden level classroom, this foyer boasts large picture windows that allow sunlight from above to peer into the spacious seating area below.  This foyer is reservable with a garden level classroom reservation, or by itself.

Occupancy Load: No Limit

Gilkey Center Pricing

Catering Options:

Type                             Average price/person

  • Breakfast                                          $10.60
  • Pastries                                             $11.70
  • Lunch                                                $11.70
  • Hors D'oeuvres (3/person)              $4.20
  • Platters                                             $20-150
  • Dinner                                               $14.50

*All catered events are required to use UM Catering.  A $50 clean up charge will be added to your invoice.

Room Options:

Executive Board Room - $250/full day, $185/half day

Tiered Level Classroom - $275/full day, $200/half day

  • Main Level Foyer - included

Garden Level Classroom - $250/full day, $185/half day

  • Garden Breakout Room - included
  • Garden Level Foyer - included

Garden Level Foyer Only- $225/full day, $175/half day

Gilkey Building Conference Center - $500/full day, $300/half day

*For UM internal or affiliate pricing, please email

Gilkey Center Room Inquiry

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Describe the event you wish to hold.
Indicate the date(s) and time(s) of the event.
Select the space you're interested in, if any.
UM Catering is required for all catered events.
Describe any other accommodations your event would need (i.e. IT set up, specific room layout, etc.).